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** Attention Members**

We have been receiving  reports of Issues with the membership renewals. We are experiencing some growing pains with the new software integration and are currently working through the issues and we ask that you please be patient while we sort out the problems. So If you have not received a notice of membership renewal, or if you have received a late notice of renewal. Please notify the following :

President Virgil O’Neal at virgiloneal413@yahoo.com

1st Vice President Kevin Oliver at koliver@ncsbi.gov

2nd Vice President Wayne DeLancey at hwdelancey@yahoo.com

Membership Director Tommy Batson at tbatson@pendercountync.gov

No late fees will be issued during this transition phase.

President O’Neal  Thanks you for your patience.




Fellow NCIAAI Members,

Your Board has had two virtual meetings. We posted changes to the By-laws on the web site over a month ago. The changes would allow all members to vote for officers and board on line prior to the annual meeting. Hopefully you have reviewed them.

Because of the stay home order, many agencies are not permitted to travel and we would not be allowed to hold a large meeting to discuss the changes. As a result we are going to deal with the changes virtually. Here is the planned schedule:

June 3-12 Members are encouraged to review the proposed changes

June 15-19 Members may submit comments and questions to the Technology Committee at brogerscfi@gmail.com. The Committee members        are Wayne DeLancey, Tommy Batson, Bill Rogers and Mack Salley.

June 20 you will receive a message from Wild Apricot that will have a ballot. The system will allow you to cast your vote. 

June 20-25 voting will be open to the membership. 

The link to the changes is below:

Click here to see proposed changes



Fire Investigator Health and Safety Best Practices

To the Chapter:

I hope all is well with you and your family during these most unique times.  I wanted to share a document with the Chapter that was recently approved and released by the IAAI.  The document is Fire Investigator Health and Safety Best Practices.  It was released on May 4th, 2020, and is available in the IAAI’s member section.  A copy of the document is also attached in a pdf. form for those not able to access the international site.  This document is an excellent resource for anyone setting up a fire investigation unit, maintaining a unit, or anyone needing documentation for their chain-of-command supporting a training/equipment/personnel request.  This document details specifics regarding employers, training, vehicles, and individual investigators as well as appendices with information on  respiratory protection and decontamination.  Also included in a Reference section at the end that lists the research documents noted in support of their findings which would also be valuable sources of information if needed.  Be safe!

Darren A. Solomon

Senior Special Agent/Certified Fire Investigator

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Fire Investigator Health and Safety Best Practices

State Crime Lab Evidence Policy

No mail evidence letter (post working group)

No mail evidence letter (post working group) Enclosure

SBI Response Areas and Contacts

April 21, 2018 SBI Update

spreadsheet NCSBI Fire Agents (10 KB)

image SBI Fire Investigators Map 2019 (1.04 MB)

OSFM Response Areas and Contacts

pdf OSFM Fire Investigative Unit Map (1012 KB)


president virgil o neal

firehouse news