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JANUARY 5, 2022
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To our NC IAAI Chapter Members,

I am honored, humbled, and privileged to assume the role of President of the North Carolina Chapter of the IAAI (NCIAAI) for the upcoming year. I appreciate the confidence the Board of Directors and Membership has shown in my ability to lead this organization and I want to personally thank outgoing President Kevin Oliver for his leadership during his Presidency and his years of commitment to the Chapter. This group of Directors have dedicated several years of service and countless hours to NCIAAI. You all were an integral part of creating what the NCIAAI is today.





Proposed By-Laws Change #1

Proposed By-Laws Change #2


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cfi trainer

Expert Witness Courtroom Testimony Course
December 8-10, 2021

Brevard, North Carolina

EWCTC 2021



The NC Fire & Rescue Commission has voted to place a moratorium on NC CFI recertification for approximately 2 years while the NC Certified Fire Investigator Board is updating the recertification process. The following is the language with the affected dates from the NC OSFM website:

A moratorium for the Certified Fire Investigator recertification has been put in place effective August 12, 2020. The moratorium will be in place through July 1, 2022. During this time the CFI Board will be working on updating the CFI recertification process. Certified Fire Investigator certifications with a due date during this time frame will still be active and in good standing. Once the new program is put into place Certified Fire Investigators will have five years to complete the new recertification requirements.

This means that for those NC CFIs with recertification dates between August 12, 2020 and July 1, 2022 there will be no need to submit a recertification application as your certification will be extended until July 1, 2022. OSFM is working to stop the automatic email notification for NC CFI recertification while this moratorium is in place.

The website with the above information can be reached at: investigator

If you have any questions please contact Kim Williams, Division Chief, Deputy Commissioner, OSFM, 919.647.0089 office.

Fire Investigator Health and Safety Best Practices

To the Chapter:

I hope all is well with you and your family during these most unique times.  I wanted to share a document with the Chapter that was recently approved and released by the IAAI.  The document is Fire Investigator Health and Safety Best Practices.  It was released on May 4th, 2020, and is available in the IAAI’s member section.  A copy of the document is also attached in a pdf. form for those not able to access the international site.  This document is an excellent resource for anyone setting up a fire investigation unit, maintaining a unit, or anyone needing documentation for their chain-of-command supporting a training/equipment/personnel request.  This document details specifics regarding employers, training, vehicles, and individual investigators as well as appendices with information on  respiratory protection and decontamination.  Also included in a Reference section at the end that lists the research documents noted in support of their findings which would also be valuable sources of information if needed.  Be safe!

Darren A. Solomon

Senior Special Agent/Certified Fire Investigator

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Fire Investigator Health and Safety Best Practices

State Crime Lab Evidence Policy

No mail evidence letter (post working group)

No mail evidence letter (post working group) Enclosure

SBI Response Areas and Contacts

April 21, 2018 SBI Update

spreadsheet NCSBI Fire Agents (10 KB)

image SBI Fire Investigators Map 2019 (1.04 MB)

OSFM Response Areas and Contacts

pdf OSFM Fire Investigative Unit Map (1012 KB)

Wild Apricot User Instructions

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DeLancey President

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