To our NC IAAI Chapter Members,

I am honored, humbled, and privileged to assume the role of President of the North Carolina Chapter of the IAAI (NCIAAI) for the upcoming year. I appreciate the confidence the Board of Directors and Membership has shown in my ability to lead this organization and I want to personally thank outgoing President Kevin Oliver for his leadership during his Presidency and his years of commitment to the Chapter. This group of Directors have dedicated several years of service and countless hours to NCIAAI. You all were an integral part of creating what the NCIAAI is today.

I'm proud of our Chapter's successes over the last year, even after dealing with the disappointment of having the Joint Training Conference and Annual Meeting cancelled due to the COVID pandemic and seeing training sessions that were meticulously planned out over months go out the window and, after having to work on repurposing content, we were still able to provide opportunities for meaningful engagement of our members and agencies. We also introduced innovative programming formats (ZOOM) (GOTO) and topics, which provided professional development and outreach opportunities.  In the year ahead, we will continue these initiatives, as well as adding more training, virtual programming, and events held in collaboration with other chapters in the state area and beyond.

Our upcoming training opportunities include a new Evidence Collection course, our continued Expert Witness Courtroom Testimony course, reintroducing the Basic Course, the possibility of working with the U.S. Coast Guard on a Marine Fire Investigation course, as well as our Chapter Investigators assisting with instruction in the NCFIT program and the restart of our Joint NC/SC Training Conference in Myrtle Beach SC.  At our Joint Conference, we will offer two breakout session which are photography and the Evidence Collection Technician Practicum. These two breakout classes are geared towards meeting the needs of our newer members and our seasoned professional Investigators. In the 2023 year we also will be hosting the IAAI International Training Conference in Cherokee North Carolina, so we have some exciting times ahead of us along with some unique challenges.

My goals for the upcoming year include:

  1. Enabling members to access and participate in a broad menu of training opportunities that meet NFPA 1033. 
  2. Creating opportunities for groups of members to work on committees and become engaged with our chapter 
  3. Creating a streamlined bidirectional flow of information from committees/committee chairs to the board leadership, then on to our membership.
  4. Seeking out more opportunities to reach the members who normally don’t attend meetings or training sessions.
  5. Broaden our training schedule to include more topics that will draw more interest of our membership.

We will continue to recognize the need for developing advanced training and education programs that will continue to move our members forward towards meeting NFPA 1033 and furthering their certifications by assisting them with gaining their CFI through our training efforts, we are excited to play a critical role in their path of progress and we will trust our membership supports the direction we are heading, and we look forward to the journey!


Wayne DeLancey
President, NCIAAI

DeLancey President