Elect Chris Van Vleet for 2nd Vice-President 2021

Van Vleet for 2021 IAAI 2nd VP

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris Van Vleet and I am running for the position of 2nd Vice President of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI). I am currently completing my second term on the IAAI Board of Directors. I am the Chair of the Fire and Arson Investigator Journal and the Co-Chair of the CFITrainer Steering Committee. With my second term on the board expiring this year, I have decided to continue my service to the entire membership by running for Second Vice President. The experience I have gained in my six years on the Board has been invaluable. I still feel that I have more to offer the association and by running for Second Vice President I feel that I can use the next four years to continue my service and work to move our association and profession forward. I will continue to try and build consensus in the board room and work as a team on issues confronting the board, both big and small.

My background includes seven years as a Deputy Sheriff in southwest Kansas, one year as a Police Officer in Overland Park, Kansas and 26 years as a Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. As an ATF Special Agent, I specialized in fire and explosives investigations. In 1996, I became an ATF Certified Fire Investigator, a Certified Explosives Specialist in 2006, and an IAAI CFI in 1997. During my career with ATF, I was afforded the opportunity to work with hundreds of fire and explosion specialist worldwide. In 1992, I was honored to be selected as a member of the ATF National Response (NRT) team. In 2006, I became a full time member of the NRT and a member of the ATF International Response Team (IRT). During my career I have provided training to many different IAAI State Chapters, police and fire departments, as well as private agencies throughout the United States. I have also taught internationally. I have taught at the NFA, the ATF National Academy, the ATF National Center for Explosives Training and Research (NCETR), and the International Law Enforcement Academy in Budapest, Hungry. I have provided training to a number of insurance professionals at various conferences including the Property Liability Research Bureau (PLRB) annual conference.

I am the Past President and Life Member of the Iowa Chapter of the IAAI, and a member of the Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, Ohio and South Carolina Chapters of the IAAI.

After retirement from the ATF, I spent 4 years managing a small origin and cause firm. I now work part time for Fire and Explosion Consultants, LLC as a fire investigator. I am also a contract instructor for ATF and the IAAI.

I would like to continue my service to the profession by continuing in the leadership of the best fire investigation training organization in the world. I ask for your support, endorsement and vote in the upcoming 2021 election to be your next IAAI 2nd Vice President. I am always available to answer any questions that you, or a member of your Chapter, may have. My email and phone contact information is provided below in my signature line.

Thank you for your time I hope I can count on your support!


Chris M. Van Vleet, IAAI CFI, MIAAI
IAAI Board of Directors
Editorial Review Board Chair
CFITrainer Committee Vice Chair