Keith Paffrath
Candidate for the International Association of Arson Investigators Board of Directors 2021

keith paffrath 2021 candidate

Dear IAAI member,

I am Keith Paffrath, your candidate for the International Association of Arson Investigators Board of Directors 2021. Public safety professionals hold a formidable position in the IAAI, accounting for over 50% of our membership. I am reaching out to encourage you to vote for me in the upcoming elections.

It is the responsibility of the IAAI Board members to represent the industry as well as its members. I have been active within the IAAI and an ardent advocate of its mission for 16 years. I have been involved in the NFPA for 18 years. I embrace technology and advancement within my practice, in both public safety and private investigations.

The IAAI is a recognized global leader in the fire investigation training industry. Our organization continues to adapt and implement new training topics attainable through a variety of delivery techniques. The inclusion of science, technology and adaptability is paramount to fulfilling our mission, all achievable through these trainings.

My comprehensive experience and training in our profession will lend a Fresh Perspective to the current board and membership. I know firsthand the benefit of active involvement within organizations and will utilize that as a bridge to enhance current IAAI training programs. There is much to do within our organization to promote our brand, offer additional training, strengthen critical partnerships, support our chapters, and grow our membership all while being fiscally responsible.

I am the candidate who has the desire and passion to continue that work and direct our organization in its implementation of strategic plans. As your Director, I will represent you with continued and unwavering dedication.

I have 21 years in the fire service:

  • 18 years as an investigator
  • An attendee of the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy in 2009
  • A CFI in the private sector for 9 years, mentored by some of the best and brightest in the industry
  • Long time NFPA affiliation
  • IAAI Principal on the NFPA 1321 Technical Committee for the Development of Fire Investigation Units
  • NFPA Responder Forum member representing IAAI
  • IAAI chapter Liaison to Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada
  • Fire and Arson Investigator Journal review subcommittee

Investigator Journal review subcommittee

I have had the honor of meeting and building relationships with people from all over the globe including the United Kingdom, Canada, Panama, the Netherlands, Finland, Brazil, Ecuador, and Taiwan. These friends offer a perspective guiding continual improvement of our organization.

I am humbly asking for your vote in February 2021. You can visit my Facebook Page by searching “Paffrath 4 IAAI Board of Directors 2021” for current events or visit my website, for more information.

Thank you for your time and your vote for me this February. Be safe.

Kind Regards,
Keith Paffrath

2021 Board of Directors
Joe Herzberg

Herzberg 2021