Keith Paffrath-Candidate for Election to the IAAI Board of Directors 2020


Dear President O’Neal, Board and Membership,

The International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) is and has been an organization committed to the furtherance of its membership through quality training and certififcation programs. As “Global Leaders in Fire Investigation®”, the IAAI represents more than 10,000 members in over 70 Chapters worldwide. The IAAI mission continues to evolve as it strives to provide its members with global resources to aid in the investigation, prosecution and litigation of fire losses.

While imperative to further the IAAI mission globally, our organization must also focus on its existing chapters. To achieve this, we promote the products offered to support the chapter mission- bringing quality education, training and support to their own memberships. The quarterly publication of the IAAI Fire & Arson Investigator Journal, as well as are prime examples of the committment to quality articles and products being disseminated to our members.

That mission is directed by elected peers in our profession who offer their unique perspective, knowledge, education and training to the organization. This group of 12 comprises the IAAI Board of Directors who, along with the IAAI management team, strives to provide new and innovative training ideas, research, and cutting edge technology to its membership.

I have served the last 20 years in the public sector, 17 of those as a fire investigator. In 2009, I achieved my Peace Officer Certification through the AZ Law Enforcement Academy being awarded exemplary recruit. I have owned a small business and currently am a partner with Forensic Fire Consultants LTD., of which I have worked for 8 years as a senior fire investigator. I mention all this to bring attention to the simple facts that being a director for a global organization requires perspective from different angles with understanding of the challenges each investigator and organization is faced with.

I am writing to you and your membership to humbly ask for your support of my candidacy for election to the IAAI-Board of Directors in 2020. I was nominated in April 2019, at the ITC in Florida by IAAI Past President Scott Bennett (OH). Mr. Bennett has been a long time friend and mentor who also placed his trust in me by asking that I be the Principal representative on the NFPA Technical Committee on Fire Investigation Units (FIUs), a new committee formed in 2017. I also have the support of Past President Roger Krupp who appointed me to the NFPA Responder Forum in 2017 as a representative of the IAAI. The friendship, support and encouragement of these two, as well as several others, is both humbling and gratifiying. I have worked passionately to bring perspective to these positions as well as the numerous leadership postions within my department, business, and AZIAAI Chapter.

That passion and “Fresh Perspective” is necessary on our IAAI Board of Directors to continue meeting organizational challenges. Your director needs understanding of day-to-day business operations to sustain and support the long-term goals. I offer perspective from business management, public sector relationships, and the private sector affiliates which include investigators, attorneys, insurance personnel, and engineers. Our organization has much work to continue in addressing the numerous challenges to our mission delivery model.

Re-Elect David E. Bridges to IAAI Board of Directors 2020

Re Elect David E Bridges to IAAI Board of Directors 2020

Dear North Carolina Chapter Members,

The IAAI voting opens on March 3, 2020. If you are a member of the International as well as a state member, we urge you to Exercise your right to vote. This year we are endorsing David Bridges, David is a Life member Of our chapter and has given countless hours of service to our chapter over the years David is running for re-election to the IAAI Board of Directors for his second term. Shown with Him is Randy Watson who is running for 2nd Vice President and has served on numerous NFPA Committees including 921 and 1033. They both had generously given of their time to provide us With the best training.

Please consider these things when casting your vote on the 3rd.