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2017 IAAI Presidents letter

Jim-Kanavy.jpgJim Kanavy

James (Jim) Kanavy (IAAI –CFI) has been a public servant since 1981, starting in Pennsylvania, and continues working today in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He currently has over 33 years in the fire service.  While continuing to investigate fires and explosions, he is the only Certified Accelerant Detection Canine Team in Kentucky.  Jim currently works for the Scott County Fire Department, in Georgetown Kentucky, as the Assistant Fire Chief/ Fire Investigator and Accelerant Detection Canine Handler.

Jim has held the position of Sergeant of Arms, Board member, and has been the President of the Kentucky Chapter for the past 8 years. He has been instrumental in bringing an affordable training conference back to the Chapter. By being a lead facilitator for arson programs throughout the state, Jim has been an extreme asset to the Kentucky Fire Commission and the Kentucky State Fire School by having the Kentucky Chapter involved in the training. He has been CFI chair for the State Chapter and has had numerous new CFI’s certified since taking over this committee.

Jim is extremely dedicated and supports continued education and training in the field of fire investigation for both the private and public investigators. He wants to keep an open dialogue with all Chapters and members to present new ideas and concepts to the Board for future fire investigators, as well as the field of fire investigation. Jim will continue to work to advance training and education globally with the focus on affordable training and education for the IAAI members.

 Please Support Jim Kanavy for Your Board of Directors 2017

Candidate Gary Hodson