DeLancey 2018

2018 NCIAAI Candidate for Second Vice President Wayne DeLancey


In my thirty five years of fire service experience, the last 15 years have been the most fulfilling as they were devoted to the full-time field of Fire & Explosion Incident Investigations. It is my honor to have been nominated for the 2nd Vice President position. If elected, I look forward to working with like minded individuals who share the same common goal to continue the great work that this board has provided.

As your 2nd Vice President it will be my duty to ensure that the goals of the association are met and exceeded. My goals are to continue to improve communications within the organization, to make certain that your needs are being heard and met with the added benefit of helping to build rapport that will strengthen relationships between our many agencies.

To improve the training standards and resources so that our knowledge is constantly on the cutting edge; that the information we disseminate and the practices we endorse uphold the highest of industry standards to reassure you, the members that our credibility as an organization remains unquestioned.

I will continue to seek out new ways to increase our membership as not all of our 100 North Carolina counties are being represented either through our regularly scheduled meetings or our annual conferences. We must, as an organization, reach out to all that are tasked with the responsibility of fire investigations, either through public or private agencies, to guarantee that they have the knowledge and resources that our Association can provide to ensure our members success.

Thank you,
Wayne DeLancey