hodson 2017

Dear North Carolina IAAI Members:

The IAAI elections open on April 10, 2018, and I would appreciate the support and vote of the North Carolina members for Second Vice President.    

I served in public safety for over 34 years.  My public safety service included being an Emergency Medical Technician, as a volunteer fire fighter and an Assistant Fire Chief, and in law enforcement.   I have been a fire investigator since 1991 and I retired from the public sector in 2006.  I am currently a Senior Fire Investigator for a national fire investigation company and I am an experienced instructor in various courses in the EMS and fire investigations realms. 

I am passionate and committed to the IAAI and the fire investigation profession, witnessing over the last several years the growth of the fire investigation profession and the International Association of Arson Investigators.  In the Utah Chapter I have served as a director, the 2nd and 1st Vice President, and as President. I have been the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Utah Chapter since 2004.   As a Past President I remain a very active member of my Chapter.  I represent the Utah Chapter on the Utah Fire Service Standards and Training Council. 

I have served you, the IAAI membership, as an IAAI Director for over three years and currently serve on several committees:  The Chapters Committee as the Chairperson since 2015, Health and Safety Committee since 2016, the CFI Committee, Application Review subcommittee since 2011, Principles and Practices of NFPA 921 and 1033 Committee since 2015.  I previously was on the Investigator Safety Committee from 2004-2009, and the Transportation Subcommittee of the Training and Education Committee from 2004-2009. 

The profession of fire investigation has undergone numerous changes over the past several years.  Continuing changes in the scientific world dictate that we must keep up with the changes and one certainty is that as those changes occur we will continue to adapt to the changes.  When I am elected as your 2nd Vice President, my goals for the International Association of Arson Investigators will be: 

  • Always work as a team with the Board of Directors and the Executives – Being a current Director I fully understand how teamwork is crucial to accomplish our tasks.
  • Always support the Code of Ethics – Without maintaining the Code of Ethics the entire process we strive to accomplish will crumble.
  • Maintain and improve the communication with our members and chapters leadership - The Chapters and membership are what makes the IAAI, I will seek first to understand any issues each has.
  • Manage the IAAI in a fiscally responsible manner – The IAAI strives to maintain the highest quality product for its membership. Being fiscally responsible allows for this highest quality product.
  • Ensure the training that is offered is current and up-to-date – As the IAAI strives for the highest quality product our training is always on the cutting edge of the science and education.
  • Maintain and expand it when possible – Continuing to search for new and innovative methods of funding (grants, gifts, collaborations, and possible pay-as-you-go modules.
  • Engage the members and future leaders of this association – While experience speaks loud, the IAAI needs to continue its growth and involvement of new leaders in the Association.
  • Empower the members to succeed within the profession – empowering members to grow in their knowledge base and education will make members better Fire Investigators.
  • Support the chapters and provide the resources for them to be successful.
  • Do the right things for the right reasons – change for the sake of change is not always a good thing. Any change must be for benefit of the IAAI members. 
  • Listen to the concerns and ideas of the members – IAAI and Chapter members are the very basic building block. Each chapter may have different needs or concerns.  Being receptive to the concerns and ideas of others, understanding, and addressing these concerns and ideas is crucial to the continued success of the Association. 
  • Provide leadership and support within allied groups, including but not limited to Fire Prevention, Code Enforcement, and Fire Marshal Associations – The IAAI cannot function in a vacuum. We must work as a team and be participants in other trades and organizations.

Only together will we be able to continue to enhance and improve the International Association of Arson Investigators, through the increased knowledge and the skills of each individual member.